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Sunrise Farm was established in 1982 by the Brodersen family. Originally, brome hay and alfalfa were grown in the fields but were phased out as our focus changed to vegetable gardens and you-pick crops such as rhubarb and raspberries. In 2013 we decided to dive into peony farming and began prepping the land. Root stock planting began in 2014, and the rest is history!

We believe wholeheartedly in following sustainable farming practices. We only use natural fertilizers and soil amendments in our field. We are happy to do the extra work of shoveling manure and hand-weeding, knowing that we are preserving the natural well being of our land!

Peony Shack & Peonies.jpg

Meet the Family

Ma and Pa Brodersen

Flora & Kelvin Brodersen are the backbone of our Alaska Peony Flowers family. In 1981 they purchased the farm's fertile, south-facing tract of land, and in 1982, it became Sunrise Farm. With the combination of Flora's life-long love of flowers and green thumb, along with Kelvin's gardening, engineering, and mechanical skills, they have been able to produce an absolutely stunning, sustainably grown patch of organic peonies.

Aunty Hilma 2021

Hilma Lewis (Aunty) is our bouquet designer extraordinaire, and friendly face at the local Tanana Valley Farmer's Market. Aunty Hilma is the mastermind behind our ever-evolving other cut flowers patch, and she rides herd on our Farm Share program. Whether you are looking for a Specialty Bouquet or a Farm Share subscription, Aunty's creativity is behind your masterpiece!

Plowing the Field

Naomi Brodersen has been instrumental from the very beginning in creating Alaska Peony Flowers. From learning how to best grow, harvest, and sell peonies, to trialing other cut flowers for Farm Shares and Specialty Bouquets, Naomi has been involved in it all. Without her initial leg work, knowledge, and impeccable eye for detail, we would be lost!

Amy & Red Charm Peony, 2021

Amy Brodersen is the head of marketing and sales. Spending countless hours trying to spread the good word about our fabulous flowers, updating our website, and providing content for our social media, Alaska Peony Flowers's online presence and in-season sales communication is spearheaded by Amy's efforts.

Aunty Hilma, Jeremiah, & Michelle Dream Team, 2021

Jeremiah and Michelle Hollingsworth are clutch members of the Alaska Peony Flowers family. Jeremiah (Hilma's son), was a huge help in the early days tilling the fields and planting roots. After Jeremiah's lovely wife, Michelle, arrived on the scene, they have been essential for harvesting, packaging/shipping and assisting with the Farmer's Markets. Wherever they can jump in and lend a hand, they are there!

Over the years we have had several wonderful farm helpers that have been pivotal in the development of Alaska Peony Flowers. Without their hard work, enthusiasm, and go-getter work ethic, we wouldn't be where we are at today. A huge thank you to Alice, Ali, Sage, Rachel, Sophie, and Jeff for being such Rock Stars over the years! We really appreciate you!

Alice in the Peony Field, 2017.jpg
Rachel APF Bouquet 2020.JPG
Jeff Peony Bouquet 2020.heic

Each summer we look for helpers to work on our farm. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty, and becoming a part of the APF Team, please fill out and submit the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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