The Alaska Peony Flowers Family 2020
APF Farm Stand
Farmer's Market 2020
The Trusty Tractor
Taking Peonies to the Chiller 2020
Fun with Flowers
Farm Share Bouquets in the Chiller 2020
Packaging Peonies for Shipment, 2020
Aunty Making Bouquets 2020
Lisa and her Wedding Bouquet
Lisa and her Bridesmaids
Lisa's Bridesmaids Bouquets
Lisa's Bridesmaids Bouquets
Lisa's Bouquet
Peony Decor
Our First Roots!
Planting our First Peony Roots
Perfect Rows!
That's a Big Root!
The Field at Sunrise Farm
Buds and Blue Skys
Wow, that is a Huge 'My Love' Peony!
Inspecting Stems in the Field
Alice in the Peony Field
Picking Peonies in the Rain is Fun!
Picking Peonies in the Rain
A Bouquet of Festiva Maxima Peonies
One of our Trusty Tractors
Buckets of Peony Buds
Alice and All of the Peonies!
Callie Loves Peonies!
Sawyer and his Peony
Amy's Favorite Peony "Sea Shell"
Piper and her Peony
Naomi Hauling Peonies to the Chiller
Processing and Grading Peony Stems
Processing Peony Stems
Picking Peonies in the Rain
Headed to the Chiller
A Little Afternoon Pick of Peonies
Peony Stems Headed to a Local Wedding
Aunty Hilma and Naomi at the Farmer's Market
Bouquet of Elsa Sass Peonies
Ma and Pa Brodersen
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